JR-317 天然翡翠A玉 粉紫蛋面純銀戒指




Product Details

Product ( 產品) :

Natural Jadeite Jade(Type A) 


Place of origin 

(產地) : 

Burma (緬甸)

Jade colour 


 Purple (紫色)

Jade Size (L x w x T):



Ring Size: 


Free size (自由尺寸)



Translucent (半透明)

Accessories Material 


Silver 925 (S925純銀)


禮品:包括禮盒 和 國檢證書



Gift:Item includes gift box and certificate

(Each product after discount over HK$10,000 are packaged with a Hong Kong Jade Certificate;

For each product less than HK$10,000, you can add HK$300 to apply for a Hong Kong certificate. )



天然紫色/粉色翡翠在室内白光、黃光或太陽光下都會曾呈現不同顔色,例如:紫色、粉色、淺灰色、白色等色差。這是純天然翡翠的特性。所有產品均在室內白光下拍攝。 我們不接受因色差造成的退貨。 完美主義/如有任何爭議,歡迎來到本店挑選產品。

Special note: 

Natural purple/pink jadeite jade will show different colors under indoor white light, yellow light or sunlight, such as: purple, pink, light gray, white and other chromatic aberrations. This is the characteristic of pure natural jadeite jade.

All products are shot indoors under white light. We do not accept returns due to chromatic aberration. Perfectionism / anyone who has any disputes, Welcome to our store for viewing products.



1. All photos and videos are taken under indoor daylight and it is non-edited.


   Do note that colour may differ from device to device. The eye protection function and blue light filter function of mobile phones will        affect chromatic aberration. It is recommended to turn off this function before comparison.


2. Natural jade will show different color changes under different light.


3. Natural jade has textures, cloudy patches, impurities. It is unique.


4. We do our best to provide you with the full descriptions and measurements. Do read them carefully. For conversions of measurements,     kindly goggle for the most suitable chart according to your preference.


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